Gong Li Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Mulan, The Protege

Gong Li Wiki

Gong Li is an actress based in Singapore although she was born in China. She is known for starring in a number of critically acclaimed films including Rise of the Red Lantern, and also the Story of Qiu Ju which was directed by Zhang. She is recently known for her role in the 2021 Movie Protege.

Gong Li Age

Gong Li celebrates her birthday every year on 31st December. She was born in the year 1965 which currently means she is 55 years old. She will turn 56 on December 2021 at the time of publication.

Gong Li Net Worth

At the time of publication, her Net Worth is not known, however, sources indicate that she has an estimated worth of 30 million Dollars at the time of publication. Her Net worth is expected to increase as she is cast in upcoming films.

Gong Li Mulan

She rose to popularity recently after starring in the Disney Live-Action Remake of Mulan which was released in the year 2020. She starred as the Shape-Shifting Witch.

Gong Li The Protege

The Protege is a 2021 action film starring Samuel L Jackson and Michael Keaton. Gong Li’s role in the movie isn’t as major and she is given very little screentime. By contrast, she assumed the role of one of the major characters in Mulan and was given significantly large screen time.

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