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Jacque Maribe on Instagram

Jacque Maribe Biography

Jacque Maribe is a Kenyan personality who is well known in the journalism/reporter sector. She was formerly a news anchor on Citizen TV. Jacque went missing in action for a few years before returning with her own show dubbed the Jacque Maribe Show that airs every Sunday.

Jacque Maribe Eric Omondi

Recently, there has been an incident where Eric Omondi is accused to be the father of Maribe’s only son. Eric Omondi went on to deny the claims stating that while they were intimate with Jacque, he wanted a DNA test to ascertain whether or not the child was his. The issues went up to social media and KTN’s presenter Sam Ogina was brought into the mixup. Eric’s side of the story can be seen in the following Instagram post.

Jacque Maribe Sam Ogina

While there is zero evidence of their involvement, Eric Omondi went on to social media to claim that Jacque Maribe and Sam Ogina were romantically together at the time of their involvement. Sam Ogina came to deny those claims by stating that he was dating Njeri who is now his lawfully wedded wife. Sam Ogina’s response is summarized by the tweet below.

Jacque Maribe Career

Jacque Maribe has been a radio presenter, a Tv News Anchor and recently a host for her own show, The Jacque Maribe Show.

Jacque Maribe Son

Jacque is blessed with a son who means the world to her. She expresses her devotion and love for him via various posts such as the one below.

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