Jenny Boyd [Actress] Biography, Age, Height, Instagram, Movies and Tv Shows, Lizzie, Legacies Netflix

Jenny Boyd at the Beach: Source Instagram

Jenny Boyd Biography

Jenny Boyd is an actress who is popularly known for her role as Lizzie Saltz on the popular show Legacies that is airing currently on Netflix. She was born in Switzerland but she also has United States Citizenship (through Dual Citizenship). Besides acting, she is also a prominent model and she has travelled the world as an international model. Boyd is well educated in the film scene and holds multiple degrees and certificates that pertain to acting. READ ALSO: Kathryn Dean Leil

Jenny Boyd Age

Jenny was born on the 27th of February year 1991. She was born in a place called Sion that is based in Switzerland. In general, at the time of writing, Jenny Boyd is currently 30 years old. She is expected to celebrate her 31st birthday in less than 4 months time.

Jenny Boyd Instagram

At the time of writing, Jenny has an Instagram account that boasts over 819,000 followers. Her follower count has increased recently due to her being featured on the popular Netflix show Legacies. Her Instagram account can be located using the following embedded link.

Jenna Boyd Height

At the time of writing, Jenna is currently 5 foot 9 inches or 175 centimetres. Such is the standard for Swiss women her age, although many may argue that she is above average she blends in effectively with her colleagues on stage. RELATED POST: Jennifer Piekut

Jenna Boyd Legacies Netflix

Jenna Boyd stars as Lizzy Saltzman on the famous Netflix show Legacies. She co-stars alongside other prominent actors including Danielle Rose Rassel and Kaylee Bryant. Currently, Legacies is on the top 10 list of trending shows on Netflix.

Jenna Boyd Movies and Tv Shows

Besides Legacies, Jenna has starred in other popular films such as Vikings Quest, Hex, and Sunday Tide.

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