How Old is Regina Perera? (Juicy J Wife) Age, Instagram, Bio, Net Worth, Average Height

Regina Perera Wiki Bio

Regina Perrera is one of the most famous couple spouses recognized all over America. She is the wife of well-renowned rapper Juicy J. Perrera herself has a successful modeling career and she has appeared in a wide variety of beauty pageants as well as participated in many events. Besides being a model, Perrera is a certified dentist who has specialized in dental hygiene. She also enjoys traveling and visiting new places. ALSO, READ Elizabeth Leil

Regina Perera Juicy J

Juicy J is a famous African American rapper known for a variety of hit songs. The Stay Trippy rapper has been nominated and won various awards in various time frames. For example, he won the Academy Award for Best Original song category in 2006. His single Dark Horse, where he is featured with Katy Perry has also won various awards over the years including Single of the Year as per the American Music Awards in 2014.

Regina Perera Net Worth

Although not implicitly stated, various sources estimate that she is worth between 1 and 2 million US dollars. Her career as a model and later certified dental hygienist have contributed significantly to her overall net worth. The estimate is likely to remain constant since she hasn’t participated in any project as of now.

Regina Perera Age

So how old is Regina Perrera? She was born on the 30th of September 1972. This puts her at the age of 49 at the time of writing. Despite her age, she looks as young and fit as ever. RELATED POST: Amy Vanderoef

Regina Perrera Average Height

Sources indicate that Regina has an average height of 5 foot 8 inches which is a standard for most American women her age. Other sources indicate that she might be taller and just a few inches off the 6-foot mark.

Regina Perera Instagram

The mother of two is very active on social media. As of now, she has an Instagram page with over 22.6k followers. She mainly posts content pertaining to her work as a dental hygienist, as well as her online boutique. Her Instagram page can be found using the link below;

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